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Friday, September 21, 2007

Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

Look like this blog is ending up being all about food.

Had lunch at Peach Garden at OCBC's The Executive Club. Beautiful scenery - second only to the China Club. But this time round, there was enough food and the food was real good. Best of all, don't have to pay a single cents - courtesy of a business partners.

The dishes were:

Dim sum comprising siew mai, harkow and char siew pau. But these are no ordinary dim sum. Real solid especially the siew mai with one whole big prawn on top of the siew mai. The char siew pau is so soft and fluffy. Real shiok.

2nd dish was a platter of meat - 2 pork cube (roast meat actually) and a piece of roasted duck with some veg. The meat were perfected roasted. Apparently, this is the restaurant's best selling item.

3rd dish was their signature soup - shark bone's cartilage soup. It was delicious although I couldn't see any shark bone's:) The fiery chilli padi almost made me choke but it was worth every morsel and sip!

Next was another signature dish - fried sea perch with plum sauce. A little bit too sweet for me (the sauce). Didn't really fancy this probably because didn't like the combo taste of sweet sauce and fried fish.

Noodle was next - a nice little bowl of 'xang mee' but I had 2 bowls cos one of our host had no more space liao. It comes with a little scallop and prawn.

The last dish was something that is not on the menu - jelly in a Thai coconut with honey (I think). It was very refreshing and truly a very different kind of dessert.

Now I have completed the trinity of 3 high floor restaurant - Tower Club, China Club and this the Executive Club. Best of all, on all 3 occasions, the food is paid for by some kind soul (otherwise how to afford to eat there - not to say also cannot qualify for members).

Also got to meet the 2 lady bosses. Very nice ladies.

Too bad cannot have photographs to show. Otherwise, saliva sure droop until desk all wet.

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