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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Imagined Image

The Net is now literally ablaze with talk of the image of Pope John Paul II appearing in a bonfire in Poland, the home country of the Pope. Apparently, the Vatican has taken it so seriously that it has send a Priest to investigate. More about it here

Looks like the real thing? Right?

Back home, we have our very own monkey spirit in the tree + a few other that cropped up soon after resembling various spirits and deities.
Photo from Society of Paranormal Investigator website.
See the resemblance? Is it our imagination or the real thing?

How about cloud images? Which one of us have not seen images perceived or otherwise in the cloud? What do you see in this cloud?

Fire, tree, clouds, even bread and cheese - er how about fruits?
This one quite obvious but I shall leave it to your imagination. Ha Ha!

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