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Friday, November 2, 2007

About Gays

So the gahmen has as expected refused to make any changes to Section 377A. "Whew" I can hear the sigh of relief from all the conservatives and religious groups. "What the %#*^#!" This is probably the words coming out of every gays here and all over the world who are following the scene being played out here.

While I claim to be liberal and prefer to live and let live, I am getting very uncomfortable with the stance and the noise coming from the pro camp. I have no quarrel with people who choose to live their lifestyle differently. I also understand why they are pushing for society to accept them but what I don't understand is why are the non-gays fighting so aggressively for them? It is one thing for people to want to lead alternative lifestyle but to enlist the help of others in society to help them with their cause?

Just yesterday there was this news about a group of SMU students who are doing a booklet on gays. All the students claimed to be 'normal'. Then there are the numerous artistes and people in the circle who have been actively speaking out (and very loudly too) for their gay friends. Even a NMP has stepped in to speak up for them. It will be a sad day if the voices of the vocal minority become so loud that their voices and opinion becomes 'public opinion' and their position are accepted openly into society. God forbids that we were ever to sink so low as to have gays bars, gay only clubs or worse have gay marriages!

They choose their life and they should not expect other people to openly embrace them. For those fighting for them, I think there are better and more better causes to root for - like say the environment, poverty, child prostitution.

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