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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Botak Jones

Since we were in Toa Payoh, decided to go to the new Botak Jones outlet there for dinner. Had a little bit of difficulty locating the place. Eventually found it inside a JTC industrial factory next to SPH.
There were a few other stalls but unlike other factory canteen with the usual local food stalls, other than the Botak Jones outlet, there was a pizza stall, a Thai, a Japanese, and a cake stall as well as a beer garden. It seems like they has taken over the whole factory canteen.

The food took almost an hour to come. And the portion was big. We ordered 1 barbecue chicken, 1 cajun chicken, 1 tenderloin steak and 1 fish and chip & a salmon steak. All the food came with a huge heap of spicy French Fries and an extremely big portion of coleslaws.

The advertisement promised good food at cheap price but except for the fish and chip and the chicken, the rest were will not exactly cheap. They cancelled the tenderloin and replaced it with the ribeye subsequently and that 200gm piece of meat cost $34.00 comparable to normal steak house. The meat was rather tender and soft though. The fish was good - in fact very good. But overall, didn't think it was worth the long wait.
Cajun Chicken

Ribeye Steak

Fish & Chips

Salmon Steak

Barbecue Chicken

The pizza at the next stall looks good though. Might just go back there to try that.

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