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Monday, November 19, 2007

Growing Up

Alvin starts work today (albeit temporary work). So fast.. it was like not so long ago that we see him going to Primary 1 and then Sec 1. Now he has completed his 'O' levels. Time really flies.

is premlim results are so so - his chances of going into a JC in the East side is pretty slim. Somehow, all the better JCs are cluster in town and in the East. He is just 1 point off his L1R5 for Tampines JC (which seems to be the lousiest JC in the East). He can make it to others like Yishun, Jurong etc but those are so far away. Ultimately, I think better for him to go straight to poly. That way, he don't have to go through Chinese. Like father like son. Same weakness. Ha ha.

This morning was joking with M that in a blink of an eye, next things we know, he will be getting married and she will become a young grandma. Another 10 years or less?

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