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Friday, November 23, 2007

Sinma Live Frog Porridge

Went with a few colleagues to Geylang. As some wanted to eat frog porridge and some wanted seafood, decided to compromise and went to this place that I have passed a few times but never went in before - Sinma Live Frog Porridge Seafood.

At 7pm, the place was not quite packed but there were a stream of people coming in. Crossed our fingers the food will be satisfactory and reasonably priced.

We ordered 3 frogs which comes with 2 free frogs + 1 porridge (for 3 persons). Cost $22.00. We also ordered the bamboo clam at $10 each; chilli crab after agonising over which version we wanted to try. Cost was $77.00 for 2 medium size Sri Lankan Crab. The waitress recommended the Prawn in bean paste sauce (7 for $48.00), their signature dish. We also have the Tiger Ribs which tasted real good. And no, it's not Tiger Rib but pork rib cooked with Tiger beer!

So cost of the meal shared among the 7 of us including 1 veg, mantou, rice, extra porridge and drinks was just around $36.00 per head which was very reasonable considering that the portion was pretty generous.

Price aside, all of us agreed the food was well done. Not too saltish and most of it uniquely cooked, I especially like the prawn which was big, tender, fresh and delicious. The Tiger Rib was interesting - a bit smoky and tender with a dash of spiciness. The Chilli Crab was so so - although the crabs which was supposed to be small was actually quite big. The sambal kangkong was hot and spicy - just right for all of us chilli lovers. The frog legs was quite normal and not very remarkable certainly not as good as the other one down the street but at 5 frogs for $22.00, it was certainly value for money.

Overall, couldn't mind going back again - especially for the prawn.

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