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Sunday, November 11, 2007

There a Sucker born every minute

Today newspapers' had some interesting reports.

First one was a lady who got conned in one of those lucky draw scam that is so common nowadays. Now if it is some illiterate old folk, I might understand but this one is a teacher! I don't understand how she got conned putting sum after sum of money in the hope of getting the lottery windfall. She claimed she is not greedy but just trusting - so trusting that she dumped a total of $60,000.00! She also claimed she has not heard about this scam. Come on - where has she been all this while? If this is the calibre of teacher we are turning out - I fear for our kids! But I think her competency is not in question here - I think at the end of the day, although she denied it, she was just plain greedy - like thousand of others who got suckered daily in to one of the many quick rich schemes.

Than there was the report of people paying for a Malaysian physiotherapist to cane them. I guess when it comes to one health, any thing for a quick cure. There is the magnetic bed, magic bracelet and the list goes on. Which is also why people have been conned into paying big bucks for noni juice, wheatgrass and now mangosteen juice. Surely it is much cheaper to just buy the fruit and juice it instead of paying like $80.00 for a bottle of juice!

Finally, a report about a man who slipped into bed with his best friend's wife and the lady claimed she didn't realised it was not her husband and ended up having sex with him. A similar case was also reported in a Malaysia's paper recently. I think if a lady doesn't even know how her hubby looks or feel like in the dark and in bed - something must be wrong some where with their relationship. Most likely, she was just pure frisky!

I can never understand how people get conned so easily. I think where it comes to money and health, people will do anything to get them. I guess this people will never learn that there's no short cut to wealth or health and if they conned - they certainly deserve it!

Oh by the way, I charged only $10.00 for those who want me to cane them. Free cane to bring home after the canning. Any takers?

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