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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Can't understand what is this Singaporean or is it a world wide obsession with being skinny. Read from a friend's blog that she haven't been exercising recently and is 'pui' liao. The last time I met here was like 3 over weeks ago and back than she was still skinner than this tekko uncle here. Unless she has been eating some supergrowth fish food I don't think she can grow from skinny to pui in less than 1 short month unless she is p..... hmm. And by the way I do think she need to put on some more weight.

Then there is this other girl I bumped into one afternoon at the hawker centre. Again she said she put on weight. Looking at her, I think a strong gush of wind will just blow here away.

Then there is this young lady who eats very little because yah she scare of putting on weight. And mind you, there is no way any body will call her chubby cos she's definitely skinny by any definition.

Finally there is M - she keep on insisting that she is fat! And I have to keep telling her that she can afford to put on another 2 - 3 kgs.

So ladies if you know who I referring to - u are all not fat. Go put on some more weight. The day you hear me calling you pui, than it's time to loose weight otherwise eat up!

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