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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prawn Mee

Was at the Old Airport Hawker Center and had the prawn noodle. For comparison, I ordered from the Albert Street Prawn Mee while M and Alicia ordered from the Whitley Rd Prawn Mee. Both had newspaper cuttings of review pasted all over the stall front.

We agreed the Whitley Rd version was better although I still prefer the Beach Rd prawn noodle at East Coast Rd. So far, has tried almost all the famous version include People's; Hong Lim; Adam Rd; Far East Square; Too bad so far have no chance to try the Cambridge Hawker Centre's prawn mee.

Which one is the best?


  1. how abt Macpherson Nam HO? have u tried it? so far, that's my favourite

  2. There's lot more I haven't try including Nam Ho or is it Ho Nam? I know somewhere near Jackson but where exactly is it?