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Friday, January 4, 2008

You got mail

Got another one of those email promising big sum of monies if one transfer a small sum of money to them so that they can siphon out monies from some god forsaken places. Previously, the mails purportedly came from deposed royalty, disgruntled businessman etc and all claim to have come into million of dollars which they want to give away. The tales are so incredible yet according to reports, countless people have been suckered with some even bothering to fly up to whichever country to take the money.

So nothing new - but what was new about this email is that it came with a header "Remain blessed in the Lord" which naturally made me curious enough to open the mail even though the sender was unknown. Don't do this at home - the email might have virus and kill the system. My company's system - that is a different matter ... ha ha...

Anyway, back to the email. Quoting liberally from the Bible, the sender claims to be a Christian with USD5.5m money which she wants to donate to a Christian charity and does not want the money to fall into the hand of her unbeliever relatives. So if the recipient is interested to write to her. Now this is the a low blow - to use the name of the Lord to cheat! As if anybody will fall for such a dumb scam.

Now excuse me while I go write an email for my USD5.5m inheritance.

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