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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Spy ~ Eating on the Train

On the train home saw this lady with her kid (about 6 years). The boy took out a packet of biscuits and started eating. He also swept all the crumbs on to the floor. Wanted to tell the lady and boy not to eat in the train but was afraid she would make a scene and everybody will stare at me.

Then 2 MRT staff, 1 lady and 1 guy came along. They seem to be looking for something or someone. Ha I thought - they will warn the lady to stop eating. To my surprise, they didn't do anything even though they stopped at the carriage! The lady even smiled at the boy!

Isn't it their job to enforce their own company's regulation? or is SMRT expecting the public to do it for them!

May be I should write to the Forum and see how they respond.....

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