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Friday, March 14, 2008

Food Yucky Food!

Read about the hawkers mixing melted plastic into cooking oil to get crispy fried food. In fact, a colleague told me about this a month ago but then the story was it was happening in China, which is believable but in Malaysia!

He also said wax is added to instant noodles to keep it crunchy for long period and also so that it will not turn soggy too fast. Real or not?

Another colleague told of how many many years ago in the days when policeman wore shorts, at a beach side stall in Changi, his hawker friend actually used salt water direct from the sea as the hot water base for boiling the noodle!

An article I read reported on how a food vendor in the floating market in Thailand dunks the noodle in the river before serving it to the buyer.

Then of course everybody would have heard of how street vendors in China use recycled engine oil to cook their food!

Last but not least, anybody knows how smelly tofu is prepared? Apparently the process is supposed to be for the tofu to ferment but hawkers where got time to wait. So they do the next best time saving thing. Soak the tofu in the dirty rotting drain water and viola instead smelly tofu!

What else will they think of next? Make one really want to swear off street-side food for ever!

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