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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Singapore Most Wanted

Picture from Simply Jean

This is like 10 days since the most feared and most wanted man in Singapore went on a super long toilet break. It must be one long super L.S cos after 10 days he still haven't gone back to what he was supposed to do before going to the toilet.

So be careful when going to the toilet, you never know who you will bump into there.

Anyway, to to do my little bit as a good faithful citizen of this wonderful red dot, here is the latest 'released' photos of Singapore Most Wanted Man.

Do your little bit as a good citizen and call the mata if you see any body resembling any of the below:

Photo courtesy of Talking Cock

And no talking bull or cock about how he escaped; why no rewards being offered or where he is hiding now. It will only make the mata job more difficult and they are so blur and lost now they don't need anymore to add to the confusion.

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