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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hawkers' Find

Made 2 interesting discoveries on Saturday.

First one - was at Alexandra Village. Had a bowl of the famous Zhen Shan Mei Claypot laksa. Prices haven't gone up yet still come in $3/$4/$5 options. While queuing for it, saw a sign on the display case that said to the effect that it is the only original Depot Road claypot laksa and there is no franchise blah blah blah. That came as a surprise. I had thought the outlet at Vivo City Food Republic was theirs. So I asked the lady and she said - no they don't have any franchise and this is the original one that moves from Depot Road. So the other stalls at Telok Blangah and Market Street are also 'fake'! Well, like they said, imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe the stall should go and copyright their name before it become as common as Katong Laksa.

However, the laksa was served up by a young man and not the 2 sisters so it makes me wonder...hmmmm. But it still taste sinfully yummy so I have no complain, not for $4 compared to the version at Food Republic which cost a whooping $8 and is so ordinary.

Second one - Went to Bedok Corner Food Centre to 'tapau' dinner. Saw a stall selling pizza and pasta. "Gemelli Pizza and Pasta". That is not a common sight. Curiosity piqued, went over and decided to try it out. Ordered a vegan's nightmare - what the stall called 'Carnivore' - and the name said it all - chicken sausage, pepperoni, turkey bacon and ham. No olive, no rocket salad, no greens of any sort. Asked the lady whether the stall was new. Was surprised when she said they been there for over a year. How come I didn't see them previously since I go there quite often for the cheng tng, hokkien mee and cuttlefish kangkong?

Anyway, Verdict - passed. It was good and $11 for a large pizza, real value for money. And I like that I didn't have to wait too long for it.

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  1. Yes I tried the laska @ Alexandra. Very good! The next time you're there in the morning, try the "yu sheng" porridge. Thick slices of fish & reasonably priced too! It's located opposite the toilet :p