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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Queue Up

Was queuing up at the popular Teochew kueh stall at the Tiong Bahru hawker centre. There was about 3 persons in front of me when I reached the stall with a long queue of people behind. The pink rice cake was already sold out and the ang ku kueh was running out fast. In fact, only 6 pieces of the peanut variety was left. There were a few people hovering around the stall.

Then this lady who was one of those hovering around asked for all the balance ang ku kueh. Immediately, the people behind me told her to queue up.

Her reply? She was queuing what! She pointed out to everyone her maid who was in the queue behind. She was afraid the kueh will be sold out by the time it reach her turn so her maid queue she moved forward to order so therefore she is entitled to order since she was lready in the 'queue'!

Er what sort of logic is that?

Luckily for me, the stall owner ignored her and I managed to get 2 of the ang ku kueh and I hope the other people in front of her order the akk too:)

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