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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sales Call

Answered a phone call for my boss the other day.

Caller: Can I speak to ABC?
Me: Who's that calling?
C: I am XXX from XXX
M: ABC is not here. Can I help you?
C: I am calling about introducing my company's advertisement media
M: Can you give me more details?
C: We have this food .......blah blah blah
M: Food? We don't sell food here
C: Oh - but my list indicate you are a food company
M: Okay I assume you looking for my boss' other company. They not located here. You have to call them directly
C: Er can I have the phone number than?
M: You got the list, how come you don't have the correct phone number?
C: This is what my list show.
M: Sigh.. okay here it is
C: By the way, can you tell me what food the company sell?
M: What! you called to sell your advertising opportunity and you don't know what products your prospect is selling?
C: Yes my list doesn't show.

It is phone call from sales people like this that irritates the hell out of me. Like that how to go out and do sales?


1 comment:

  1. it seems so funny now but i'm sure you must be fuming over the phone with him!