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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sales People

Everybody dislike telemarketers and insurance agents. Me on the contrary admire them for their persistence and good product knowledge but ha ha that does not stop me from chewing them off.

Anyway, during my course of work, I have met countless sales peoples and I can't believe how in the first place they got to be in sales.

1. There was this lady who was supposed to come and see me at 11pm one day. She turned up at 2pm the NEXT day unannounced! And she didn't even called to postpone the meeting. What the cheek! And she expected me to see her and sign up for whatever she is pushing!

2. Another lady badmouthed her competitor right from the start of the meeting to the end. Nothing good was said about her own product - just how bad the competitor was!

3. Then there are the clueless guys who don't know anything about the client and worse about their own products. Usually, if they are new, I give them a chance but if they are just tardy.....

4. Of course there are also the arrogant; the take it for granted guy who thinks that they are God's gift to the world and whoever listen to them must end up buying their product or sign the contract failing which they looked at you like you so stupid to pass up the chance!

5. Last but not least are the telemarketers from overseas. These are usually the angmoh who insist on speaking only to the 'decision-maker' and treat you like a pain in the arse if you insist on taking their call and not forward it to the 'decision-maker'. This type - I usually tell them politely to stick it up their ____ but very politely!

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