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Friday, May 9, 2008

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Hopped over to Holland Village. Felt like a tourist there. Stood there gawking away. Been to HV before but always in the day and never know the night scene there so happening.

Looking for some thing to eat. The food at the hawker centre didn't look very enticing and didn't want to spend too much money on the fancier places (which were mostly packed anyway) so just walked around until saw this ice cream outlet.

Place was also packed but managed to get a table. Their unique feature was choose flavours, the topping and the staff will mix them together on a cold rock hence the name Cold Rock Ice Creamery. Went to order and this is what we had:
P5030255 Not very cheap though. Regular cup (2 scoops) was $6.50. Each topping is $1.00 even the house concoction was priced the same way.

The ice cream was a tad too creamy. Not really worth it. Give me all the local made ice cream anytime!

Another more detailed review of the place here

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