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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Spy ~ Balloon Lady

Was walking along the Citilink when saw this lady carrying a balloon in her hand. She was talking to her husband? and gesturing all over. As a result, the balloon on a short stick was swinging left and right.

Of course, in a crowded place like that, it was inevitable that she hit somebody sooner or later and sure enough she hit a lady in the face. And what did this lady with the balloon do? Did she apologise?

No! Instead she complained loudly to her husband that the lady walked into her balloon and could have burst it! Of all the cheek!

It is people like that that cheesed me off so much that I wish I can do something about it. In this case, I really really felt like walking up to her and bursting the balloon there and than! If only I did!

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