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Saturday, June 7, 2008


The son went to the dentist last month. Came back with a $500+ bill. I knew cost of dental treatment is expensive nowadays but $500 over dollars for a routine checkup? and some more at a HDB neighborhood outlet? The Mrs called the clinic and found out: 4 fillings done:

1 normal $80/-
3 white $120/- x 3 = $360/-
1 small bottle of mouth wash to bring home $10/-
Balance of $100 went to cleaning and polishing
Total $550.00

Later checked around with friends and colleagues. Nowadays filling are all using white amalgam no more the black(silver) type. Also average per filling is $35 to $80.

This dentist is not only exorbitant but unethical - charging a student this type of pricing. Called and cancelled the next appointment and when the nurse asked for the reasons, told her straight to her face, they bloody expensive and a rip off. So if you ever in the Simei area and need a dentist, don't go to the one on the 2nd floor of the MRT station unless you are loaded and feel like contributing more funds to the dentist's pocket.

Today switch him over to another dentist at the next block. All fillings are white - each filling is only $45. That's more like it!


  1. which dentist? I'm looking for one too...

  2. Ai yoh u stay in the West. Look for one near there.