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Friday, June 13, 2008

Orwellian Society

A letter writer to the Straits Times Forum (ST 13 June 2008) is actually suggesting that personal information be captured upon boarding taxis! The reason for the suggestion is cos the letter writer's father who is a taxi driver has been cheated by non-paying passengers.

Right now, as I understand it, the LTA or which ever authority is able to log a vehicle movement whenever a vehicle passes under a ERP gantry. With the extensive reach and ever increasing gantry, + number of car park operators switching over to the ERP system, our movement can be traced down to the minute. Further more, the new cameras on the expressway have the capability to zoom in for a clear view of the front passenger's face. The thought that someone out there can 'trace' and see us is scary enough but wait a minute it gets worse!

Now with the latest phone and wireless technology, walk into a mall or target area and the telcos can target you with a SMS promoting a specific products etc. U may not know it but our mobile phone is constantly sending our footprints whenever we go. What is there to stop the authority from making use of this technology to keep track of your movement?

Already, some company are monitoring their staff's activities on the computers, phones conversation are logged, I really can't imagine the many thousand and one ways where technology can be harnessed to keep track of a person.

It is really a scary thought. No matter where I go, someone is watching. and I am not taking about the big Guy up there!

And the letter writer dare to suggest that taxi drivers be allowed to swipe passport, identity card into a system for someone to trace. Goodness me! Does this people value their privacy at all?

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