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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Poor Poor maids

Every time I read about foreign maids in Singapore, I shake my head. I am amazed and shocked and saddened by the attitude of our fellow Singaporeans towards another fellow human being.

For example - in Sunday's paper, this lady who had changed 3 maids within a month, 7 over 10 years (that's speak volume of how good an employer she is!) was quoted as saying she paid them salary so she could do what she want. In another paper today, the employer fined the maid $10 for every mistake she made. Like that, the poor maid will be paying the employer rather than the employer pay her!

Than there is the issue of day off. I know the excuse is that the employer don't want the maid to mix with wrong company, run away etc... But the maids are already almost on call 24/7 so they need the day off to destress as well. Can you imagine if our employer tell us we cannot have day off cause they scare we might be killed over the weekend or be tempted by another employer! Put ourselves in their shoes - we will never accept such working conditions yet we insist that our maids have to work 7 days a week without any day off!

Some employers are also damn stingy with their maid. How many times have I seen families eating at restaurant while the maid sit one side taking care of the baby. No food for the maid... maid cannot eat at same table as Mdm and Sir.... I personally know of one person who allow the maid to only eat only 2 plain bread for lunch and left over for dinner. Each day when she come home from work, she will count how many pieces of bread left and God help the maid, if there is 1 piece short!

I can go on and on. My fellow Singaporeans... Do unto others only what you want others to do to you. What goes around will come back so please please treat the maid as decently and humanly as possible!

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