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Friday, July 4, 2008

I Spy ~ Make Up Session

At 6pm on the train from Tanjong Pagar to City Hall, packed elbow to elbow, cheek to cheek(not for me though I too tall for most people's cheek), watch a fascinating show unfurled right before my eyes.

This pretty young thing standing side by side with a zillion other passengers with a forceps like thingy. Right in front of me and oblivious of everybody staring at her, she used it to trim her eye lashes; First the left eye, than the right eye. Actually later found out from M it was to curl the eye lashes. I watched in horror - what if the train jerk - would the thing pluck her eyeball out! Luckily for her, that part went smoothly. Than it was a brush and some powdery stuff (blush is it?) all over the face. Now she looks real shiny. Next, another brush - this one I know - no colour lip stick or what we guys would term undercoat or base coat if we are painting a wall. Finally, a lip stick and a beautiful transformation - all between 2 short train stations. Bravo!

Honestly, I have never in my life seen a lady put on make up at such close range except may be in the movies. Not even M cos usually when she doing her things, I be doing my own stuff and too busy to observe.

Did I like what I saw? It was fascinating - not the make up but her skill in balancing and doing all those stuff. A real educational ride for me:)

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