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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Idiotic Cabby

Was driving down a road in Hougang last Saturday. It was just those typical HDB road - single lane yet wide enough for 2 vehicles to squeeze side by side. 1 lane on each side of the road. There was a small jam. Bus cannot go forward as car trying to turn into car park was in front of bus and blocking its way. Cars cannot go into car park because car park full and ERP gantry type - gantry does not open. So there were 2 rows of cars on a single lane road while the traffic on the other direction was clear.

Suddenly this idiot of a taxi pulled up alongside me and indicated for me to give way to him. How? When traffic was not moving? He then wound down his windows and told me to drive against the traffic on the other lane! I stared at him as if he was raving mad and of course ignored him. I could see him mouthing all sort of words and was tempted to get out to confront him but 2 wrong doesn't make a right, decided not to bother. By then, he had also maneuvered his taxi to such a position that when there was finally room for the vehicles on the road to move a bit, he promptly squeezed forward and drove on the other side of the road overtaking all those cars in front before turning back in.
Unfortunately, I was already fuming and failed to take down his number or snap a photo otherwise I will surely complain all the way to the Traffic Police! Pity the poor passenger inside the cab. She must have a hell of a ride. It is people like them that give cabby a bad names. The taxi companies and LTA must come out with a better way of screening taxi drivers. Letting these type of idiots loose on the street is like giving a loaded gun to children who will just shoot away without realising the consequences of their actions.


  1. This idiotic cabby probably felt he can think out of the box and wondered why everyone else can't and prefer to stay stuck in traffic.

    I was on a bus which was waiting for its turn to go right but there was a long queue. The lane on the left to turn right was empty. A couple of Chinese nationals started commenting loudly that Singaporeans like to queue very much and continued discussing what they would have done.

    I was annoyed just like you. It will take a longer time to have a gracious society we all dream to have.

  2. Correction....Second para, second line shld read "The lane on the left to turn left was empty."