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Friday, July 11, 2008

Response and Retort

Noticed that people out there are getting better and more creative in their replies and retort to issues.

On the organ for sale controversy and the argument that the sale of organ is exploiting the poor.
- Retort: Employing a maid and separating her from her family and making her work for 7 days a week without rest and for a meager pay is also exploiting the poor!

On giving up seats on buses and trains to the elderly and more needy:
- Response: Everybody pays the same fare. So why must give up seat to others.

On the current Traffic Campaign 'Look Out for Me':
- Response: Pedestrian are just as bad. Need another campaign for pedestrian to look out for Motorist

Basically, it just show that society as a whole has gone downhill in terms of care and concern for others and it is now a big 'ME' first for most people. How sad:(

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