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Monday, July 21, 2008

Swee Choon

After the Shape Run, the ladies wanted to eat dim sum. Remembered watching Snack Attack on tv which featured this place in Jalan Besar so decided to make our way there. Quite easy to find just along Jalan Besar Rd before Desker Road and opposite the Jalan Besar Food Centre.

The place, simply named Swee Choon, according to the menu serves Hong Kong dim sum in the morning and Shanghai Dim Sum in the evening with the exception of the Xiao Long Bao which is served both day and night. There wasn't really a lot of variety - the usual paus, siew mai and harkow, and a lot of fried stuff. Nothing remarkable except the mianxian cake. Actually most of the dim sum was very normal even bland like the chee cheong fun. The century egg porridge was quite tasteless in fact. Even the dim sum at Tiong Bahru or Ho Kee is much better.

Its only saving grace was it was decently priced and service was good but I wouldn't go there again for the dim sum unless I happen to be in the area.

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