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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Was at the gents toilet in one of the shopping mall when this lady cleaner walked right in and started mopping the floor. Er I am sure most hot young man wouldn't mind exposing their thing to young pretty ladies but exposing it while doing your thing really isn't my cup of tea. And mind you, this was no old lady. I think she was one of those many Chinese lady probably in her early thirty.

Now while I appreciate that toilet need to be cleaned frequently, surely some sort of arrangement should be made to close the toilet for short interval to do the cleaning or the least get the male cleaner to do it?

On a related note, the shower areas at the toilets along East Coast Park are open concept shower with clearly demarcated Male(on the right) and Female(on the left) areas. There are signs that stated clearly no bathing in the nude etc but of course I still see many guys just showering there in their underwear. What amuse me is that ladies continue to use the Male area as a short cut to the female side and some even gather there to wait for their children. I even once saw one lady bathing her son at the shower area. And so what's going to happen if there is an 'accident' and these ladies get to see some thing extra? Are they going to complain that the guy had insulted their modesty?

But of course on the flip side, I also seen guys hanging around the bench at the female side ostensibly waiting for somebody but I think they were there just to ogle at the ladies showering there. So ladies take note.

So my point is - Male toilet are for the men and lady toilet for the ladies so please respect each other territory and don't stray. You never know what you going to see or get!

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