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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babies Blue

The gahmen has again come out with a slew of incentives to get our Singaporean to make babies. Seem like Singaporean are not reproducing fast enough and the number of foreigners will soon out numbered the locals - machiam like Kuwait. Actually it may already have happened considering that nowadays everywhere you look, there is either a foreign looking Indian or Chinese.

Anyway, back to the procreation issue - is these lot of latest incentives going to work? My colleagues - we were discussing and most agreed it will not. Those who want to have babies will have babies no matter whether got incentives or not. Those who don't want babies - nothing is going to make it happen unless shotgun of course! The general consensus is that those under 30 will want to wait until their career is established and they have enjoyed life to the max before they even think of settling down, never mind think of having babies. By the time they get round to wanting a kid, most of them find that they can't even lay a single egg:) You know, the spirit is willing but the body and certain part cannot work already. So if cash incentives + extended leave not going to work. What will?

Somebody wrote to the Today's paper and suggest waiver of COE and road tax. Not too sure how that will help. Maybe more exciting? - people own car - can drive out more often to those partoh area - and make babies in the car? Our HDB flat too small. Cannot do at home. Parents can hear you know! So next time we run up Mt Faber and see a rocking car, don't think too badly of the people inside - they are just heeding the gahmen's call.

I too have my own suggestions. Gahmen please take note.

1. Noticed how in the past there was no such problem. Typical families will have at least 3 or more. Eg. my uncle has 7, my old man (God bless his soul!) has 11 (yes I have 10 siblings in total), M's maternal grandmother has 7 to just name a few. So how come now so different? Because nowadays people go to office to work early in the morning, come home late late, totally drained from a long day in the office or drunk from a togo session, still got reruns of drama to catch up or more work to do, by the time get to bed is invariably after 12 midnight and too tired to do anything!

My solution - have a 'blackout day' once every month or even fortnight. Cut off power to everything - offices, factories, malls, petrol pumps, tv everything and I mean everything! No tv, no internet, no public transport, no mall, no cinema, Trapped at home without the ability to go anywhere or do anything - can only do 1 thing right? That's why people in the past got so many kids. After going home - got no tv to watch, talk? where got so much things to talk anyway, so do what? go sleep early and do what comes naturally lor!

Sigh - even me think too drastic a solution. Not workable! Next best solution. This one sure can cause it's what our gahmen do best and encourage:

Foreign Talent - er I mean foreign babies! That's right. Babies. Not the adult taking up our jobs, flats, mrt space but babies. Each year, China people abort thousand of baby girls. The African and Indian continents have plenty of unwanted children running around the streets begging for food, working as child labors etc. Instead of spending millions of dollars on unworkable incentives, our Gahmen should use the money to go oversea and buy the babies. Than give each couple doing the ROM thingy an instant baby as the government's gift. Problem solved! Advantage for everybody. For the lady, no need to go through 9 months of suffering, for the gahmen, population replenishment and for everybody else - no resentment of foreigners - since they are raised up from infancy locally, they will grow up to be just like everyone of us without the foreigner stigma?

So how - gahmen? Got reward for this suggestion or not?


  1. Good one, especially about the foreign talent. Can kill so many birds with one stone. Hope the gahmen gives you a really attractive reward for your suggestion. ;)

  2. Propose a national day award for Tekko for coming up such a ingenious idea.

    Count on me Singapore!

  3. This place has gone overboard with congestion. Don't even have standing room! How to add more babies lidat?!!