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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Don't play God

Today ST’s has an report on a woman spending USD50000.00 to clone her pit bull. She ended up with 5 cloned puppies. The lady was quoted as saying “…... can afford to clone his pet because losing a pet is a terrible, terrible loss to any one.” This is the first commercial cloning of an animal for the pet industry since the days of Dolly the sheep and Snuppy, the made in Korea Afghan hound.

The company who did this expects the global commercial cloning service for pet lovers to increase in the coming years. The CEO is reported to have said his next project will be to clone camels for rich people in the Middle East.

In the same ST, there was an article about the extinction of half the world’s primates. Now is anybody thinking of cloning all the endangered animals?

Of course not, at the end of the day, all this cloning is not about helping somebody who loses their pets but about profiteering and making money from people losses. So far I haven’t read of any institution that is going big in cloning to save the world’s animals. It is all about the money.

Coming back to the quote by the lady who cloned her dog, she said “losing a pet is a terrible, terrible loss to any one.” Now if losing a pet is terrible, how about losing a loved one, a child, a spouse, a parent? What and who is going to stop these mad scientists and the rich from cloning a replacement? Where there is a demand, somebody will supply.

I am reminded of all those movies on cloning and I think it is scary because it looks like fiction has become fact. I shuddered to think that inside the compound of these institutions, there are mutated animals or possibly human just like what we see in movies.

So my point? Leave creation to God and nature. Something are not meant to be done by human.

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