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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The good and bad CKT

Jialat, nowadays seem to have a lot of sudden craving for certain food. Last month, it was durian. This time round it is char kway teow. On Friday night after run suddenly had this urging to eat CKT. Unfortunately, the stall at the East Coast Lagoon had already closed by then. The next day lunch time went to Bedok South and had the super shiok and sinful Hill St CKT. Mmmmm the crunchy bits of lard... Monday on the way to work saw this guy carried a plate of CKT from the corner stall at Amoy. Nearly stopped to buy it as well. Control...control!

So far had tried the 4 heavenly kings of CKT -

Hill Street at Bedok South
Outram at Hong Lim
Newton at Serangoon Garden and
Zion at Zion (the only one that is still in its original location).

So far my fav is still Hill St. Hope the daughter will mastered the art of frying it like the old man otherwise when the old man croaks..... Outram is okay may be a bit too much cockles but not as bad as when they were at Outram. Just can't stand the heat at Hong Lim and the long waiting time. Newton - can't really remember how it tasted like now. Zion? standard like drop after they went 'healthier choice'.

Of course, the other shiok CKT is my absolute favourite at Margaret Dr (hope he won't move too far away when the food centre close for renovation). Grew up with him in the same neighourhood and have been eating the CKT for the longest time and still don't sick of it. Maybe it is the sweat dripping down from his head that make it so shiok:) The most yucky must be Marine Parade - can't tahan the wet soggy noodle. Amoy St is not bad - just don't let me see the butch dig her nose and than handle the plate and chopstick immediately after that! Pasir Panjang other than the vegetable is really nothing special. I don't fancy those CKT from those 3 in 1 stall (ie stall that sell CKT, hokkien noodle, fried oyster/carrot cake).

Anybody got any good CKT stall to recommend?

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