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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Spy at the Fish Shop

Today was at Sam's Pet at Marine Parade. Looking for some hardy easy to maintain fish to replenish my depleted tanks. Found a few suitable fish. Then saw the shop assistant scooped a sick guppy out of a tank and put it in the tub of water which was supposed to be used for people who want to buy fish. That put me off totally.

That sick fish and whatever that were already inside could have disease and can contaminate the water. Catch a healthy fish, put it inside - can the healthy fish get the disease. Most probably. Fish in transit are already highly stressed - what with the different water temperature, the sloshing around etc and the next thing you know, the whole tank at home will be infected.

Like most retail shops here, our pet shop people has no ethics especially those selling puppies (but that's another story). So sad. Because I have always think of Sam's Pet as one of the better managed shop here compared to the small little stalls in the markets or those fly by night shops that are set up to cash in on the latest craze.

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