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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sleepless in Simei

Aargggggggggg I can't stand it! It's bad enough that my flat faces a very busy road and the sound of traffic is always there but that is something I have no choice and have to live with. It is still bearable even with the occasional idiotic bikers on the super loud bikes or the wail of the ambulances as they rush to CGH.

Than came this dog in the past few months. Don't know from which household but the darn thing keep barking away the whole night. Now I love animals but this is one that I can't stand and will wring its neck or cook it if I ever find out which doggy it is but come to think of it, haven't heard a single bark from it the past few nights. Hmmm wonder what happened to it?

Now that is a slight relief compared to what has been going on since the 7th month start. At first I thought it was one of those getai but the singers can't be so bad. Last night at 12.30 midnight, the *&^$@)) son of a bitch was still croaking away! Yes a karaoke singer I think coming from the factory across the road. The guy must be blasting his set at full volume because I can hear him even though Simei Ave is a 6 carriageway road + a lot of carpark space in between. Made me so mad I just feel like going over to hunt him down and throw the darn thing down from whichever floor it is on!

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