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Monday, September 22, 2008

Money Not Enough 2

Finally managed to catch the show Money Not Enough 2. It was billed as a comedy but apart from the lame joke about the ERP it was more a weepie. 

One thing about Jack Neo, he really has a knack for producing movie that are relevant. This movie to me is not so much about not having enough money but more about the difficulties a family face when coping with someone who is old and sick in the family and the dilemna they faced as they sought to balance what is best for the mother and for the whole family.

And this is really what most of us will face when our loved ones grow old and has a host of medical problems. The problem will become more and more acute with smaller household and higher medical cost. 

With a mother who is getting on in age, it pains me to think that one day I will have to go through what the 3 leads in the movie has to go through. When the time come, how will we siblings handle this? Who to take care? Home care, old folks home, hospital bills - these are all practical issues that need to be thought through now and be prepared for. But is it possible to ever be prepared for such things?

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