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Monday, September 8, 2008

Not in my backyard.

Reading the media reports about the Serangoon Garden's petition against the proposed worker dormitory in their neighbour, it makes me wonder where our residents expect the government to locate all these 'undesirable' facilities to? Sister Island?, Pulau Ubin?

It make me feel so disgusted the way they talked about the foreign workers and the evil things that the will 'so call' do once they are in their neighbourhood. I don't deny that there are black sheep among these workers and I myself don't like they way they hang around in group and drink and sleep on the floor but most time I pity them. They have to leave their family behind to come here and make a honest living. Without them, we won't have all these nice buildings to stay in.

The government should consider building self contained quarters with facilities for the worker to eat, relax and play and not just build sleeping quarters. I believe most crimes are committed by the illegal immigrants so having proper housing for them will help to reduce the opportunity for the legal workers to go out into the neighbourhood to loiter.

And people of Singapore, give these workers a chance!

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