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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Duck and Coffee

Everyone of us will know a relative - maybe even our parents who are great cook and well known for a particular dish be it curry, some ethnic dish or the ever popular ngo hiang. And so it is no different with me. I have a maternal aunt (my mum's brother's wife) who stewed a great Teochew braised duck. 

So we look forward to this once a year treat every CNY cause with the passing of Grandma, this is about the only time we visit her and her family. The duck is yummy - soft and tender and cut thickly the way I like - not like those hawker centre style nowadays where they slice it so thin that you can hardly taste its favour. And the hard boiled egg. Somehow, she has the skill to do the perfect hard boil egg in black sauce. If it wasn't so sinful, I think I would have easily polish off 3 eggs! And the best of the dish is the black gravy. Thick with the right consistency it goes down well with white rice and I swear I can just eat it on its own with rice! 

The other wonderful thing that she churns out is coffee! Yes somehow she can take plain ordinary coffee and turns it into a pot of wonderfully fragranced drink. Not for her, coffee with milk or no sugar. It has to be thick and flavourful with sugar. And brewed the traditional way with the 'sock'. And just for this drink, I sacrific my integrity and drink my coffee with sugar. Once a year!

Hmmmm ... can't wait for next CNY:)