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Monday, January 12, 2009

Mama's Chicken

Passed by this new place in the afternoon and decided to go back in the evening to check it out.

With a name like Mama's Chicken, no prize for guessing what is its specialty.

The menu was a mix of local and Australian style food. There was "Ang Moh" chicken as well as local chicken all prepared in some curious mixture of fast food cum cafe style. The sign at the counter says Self Service but the waitress came to take our order and delivered all the food.

We ordered the house specialty, the Parmagiana, which is a chicken patty with cheese and tomato sauce on top served with french fries and peas. This is supposed to be the Australian influence meal although me think it is more Italian than Australian. Anyway, it didn't taste too bad and its portion was big enough.
We also ordered a grilled chicken, a bowl of Chinese Chicken Noodle, a cold pasta and a fish & chip.

The grilled chicken was liked those we get at supermarket like Carrefour. It was fairly well done and not too dry. The Chinese noodle was quite unique in that it didn't use the usual wanton mee or instant noodle but a sort of very thin crunchy noodle. So how was the food? At average price of $6.00 to $8.00, it was certainly good value for money. The portion was of decent size. The food was okay. Nothing fantastic but I had tasted worse and for the ambience and price, I really can't complain.

Too bad the place was totally empty. We were there at 7pm on a Saturday night and it was empty! Diners on East Coast Road on weekend evenings are usually jammed packed but not this one. We were the only customers throughout out time there. A lady did walked in, browse through the menu and promptly disappeared through the back door. Me think with its type of prices, it should do much better if it were in a food court instead of a shop house.

Very likely the next time I pass by the place, it will have close down.

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