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Monday, January 5, 2009

Poor Helpers

They built our houses, keep the floors clean, repair our roads, and do all those things that Singaporean do not want to do and what do their get for that?

Ride in the back of trucks and lorries, subject to the harsh elements, stay in shacks that even we don't house our pets in, left to die when sick, treated like slaves without pay and treat as unclean in housing estates..........

I really disgusted with the attitude of employers who treat our foreign guest workers like dirt. I don't like to call upon the gahmen to do this or that, I have always believe that we should not cling to the apron string of the gahmen but in these instances, the government should come forward and protect the legions of foreigners working here. Not just the construction workers but the domestic servants, the food stall helpers and the many low skilled workers here.

Don't just ban these employers from employing foreign workers. They can always get around the ban by using sub-contractors. An eye for an eye. A teeth for a teeth. Make the guilty employers stay in the shacks they call dormitory and see how long they can tahan the stink I have been inside one factory unit that was illegally used as a worker quarters squeezing in close to fifty workers staying there in 2 shifts and the place stinks to high heaven. And I am not even going to mention the state of the 1 toilet that was there! Deprive the employers of wages, food and medicine and see how they like it!

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