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Friday, February 27, 2009

A very blessed lady

Sometime I think back to my childhood and think that I have a hard life. While by no means living in poverty, we were not exactly rolling in cash and most time live from day to day. Yet so what if I had a father who turns up only when drunk, so what if I had to go to school with leftover dinner wrapped between 2 slice of bread for lunch; so what if people talks of movies and all I know was the black and white tv I tiptoe outside the neighbour house to watch.

Life in those days was tough but then compared to many others, I think I live the life of a prince. Just today, reading the newspaper report on Oh Siew May, even without reading her book, I could feel the pain, suffering she had gone through and yet the picture of her in the paper was one of a joyous person, so full of cheer that I can scare believe the type of life she have.

Born with cerebral palsy, she walks and speak with difficulty. As if that was not enough, one of her sister became mentally impaired and her father died of cancer. Not enough? Her mother suffered from a chronic skin disease, was bed ridden and had a leg amputated. More - a brother is a compulsive gambler who lost away the parents' savings. Despite these and her own physical conditions, she managed to finish up to N level and held several jobs. Even then, someone up there must have been toying with her as she was retrenched from one job, had a slipped disc and had to quit another. I think even Job didn't have it so badly. But somehow despite the odds, she has managed to climb Mt Kinabalu, had her own push cart business and now wrote a book - Scaling Wall. What have I achieved compared to her?

And despite everything, how did she described herself? 1 word - 'blessed' Why - because she is mobile and not confined to a wheel chair.

I haven't read her book yet but I can feel the hope, the blessing she brings. I will buy it and I hope friends will also support this plucky young lady by buying her book. True to her unselfish character, the proceeds is not just going to her (not that she don't need the money) but she is donating part of it to the Spastic Children Association of Singapore.

Read more about her here:

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  1. I am equally touched by the article. I will be sharing about her with the youths this Sunday!

  2. Hello, thank you for sharing about Siew May's story and for linking to my blog.

    Yes Siew May is indeed very inspiring as she always focusing outwards on others instead of on herself. We are truly blessed to have known her.

    Let me know if you need any help getting her books. i can also link you up directly with her.

  3. hey thank you for linking..glad that you enjoy her work as much as i do..

    im definitely going to share her story to the volunteers the next time i give any briefing. :)