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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bridge Over Longkang Water

A friend asked me whether I not scared ranting on about M in a public post and whether I got kick out to sleep in the living room.

Well firstly I know she don’t read my blogs or at least she pretend not to have any interest in it and secondly she thinks I’m a silly old man who got nothing better to do than blog and the things I write are mostly craps. On this score I think she’s half right but at least I think blogging is  better than spending hours watching those silly K dramas.

Anyway, no I didn’t get kick into the living room, didn’t get whacked and we still had a very nice big breakfast at Swensen after the race. 

The thing is we have been together long enough and running together for the past few years and know each other idiosyncrasy so we are not going to let a little disagreement over a run affect our lives together. The important thing is to learn to live with each and give and take. I give she takes… ha ha ha until the next race next weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Yep....sometimes best to let it 'pass' and not bother by it .... I bet sometimes she 'gives and you die die have to take' too :D

    Happy running~! Yep, Happy blogging too :D