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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Meat Day

While on the way to work yesterday, out of the blue, have this insane thought that I have been having too much red meat in my daily diet and decided this was the day to do something about it. So resolved henceforth to reduce my intake of red meat starting from the same day by having a no red meat day at least once a week.

So the food I took for the day:

Breakfast = Cup of black coffee w/o sugar, egg mayo sandwich
Morning snack = 1 cup less sugar soya drink & 1 fragrant pear
Lunch = Thunder Tea rice (the greeny soupy thing taste horrible!)
Afternoon tea = Chinese tea and 1 banana
Pre dinner snack = 1 apple
Dinner = (was going to be tricky since it was communal and Mum cooks for everybody but fortunately it was) fish, vege, fried egg with the small ikan bilis and pork rib/carrot soup = so took everything except left the pork rib alone but dammed it look so tempting!
After Dinner = 1 banana & 1 pear
Supper = 4 cups green tea & 4 homemade (by Alicia) milo cookies

Talking of pork, while having lunch was sitting next to this lady who was eating a mean looking dish of pig trotter. Was wondering where she ordered it since wasn't aware there was a stall selling it. And then discovered that it was the fish soup stall! A fish soup stall that sell braised ter kar......... hmmmm must go try it out...


  1. Tempting...tempting right??? ;)

    You have a 'big' appetite hor....3 main meals and snack in between leh.. :D

  2. whoa lao. Can eat so much, and still dun gain any weight :s

  3. u ladies haven't seen the size of my stomach yet ha ha ha