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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ming Kee Live Seafood

What is a birthday without a good dinner? So the family gathered for a dinner at a small little seafood restaurant in Macpherson. Small in size but obviously not small in reputation cos it was quite crowded.
Although we were there early, the indoor area was apparently already fully booked so we had to sit outdoor. The service was a mixed. We were attended to by a waitress almost exclusively who kept on refilling our drinks and changing plates but on the other hand, the food came so slowly even though the place seems quite empty.

We ordered a few items from there signature dish 'menu' or rather the display photos on the outside. We were not disappointed.

The crab with bee hoon

I think the kids love the bee hoon cos they cleaned it out.The crab was hugh even bigger than the one from 3 Crabs.

Black Pepper Crab.

We wanted something different but the manager recommended this and it was good. No regrets there. One thing though - the prices are a bit on the high side. Each crab costs around $80.Ribs in stout

This was good. The meat was succulent and tender and it was polished off in double quick time.

Of course, we had more than these 3 items. Generally the standard of the food is pretty decent as evidenced from the newspapers write up inside the restaurant. I enjoyed the food and except for the crab dishes, the rest of the food were decently prized and the final bill of slightly over $300 for a 8 course dinner for 11 person is certainly very reasonable and worth another visit.


  1. Yo who's birthday??? Yours? Belated Birthday greetings and btw, I love black pepper crab too so what about a gathering with Christine and patronise this stall again?