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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A New Addition to the Family

So finally after what? 9 years - we did the unthinkable. We obliged the little Princess and fulfilled her wish which she had since P1 and got her this:The guy at the shop said to toilet train the dog, need to keep the dog in its cage for at least 2 weeks and not let it roam around. That's seem so cruel. True or not? Anybody can suggest any better way to toilet train the dog?


  1. Very very cute :)

    After three yeas my Brother finally manage to train his dog to pee near the toilet at home..let's see cane? Cruel too so wish you luck Koh.

  2. Wat finally made you all relent to your princess' wish. I am still rejecting Vanessa's wish to rear hamsters to-date. Can't stand pets!

  3. Hi Susan,

    I think she is old enough to be responsible for it now. It helps that I love animals. Pets are good for reducing stress:)

    Ah Roo - my picture taking skill so bad u can't see which breed?