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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Return your tray??

The other day was at Maxwell Food Centre with some colleagues  for lunch.

After finishing the plate of rice, went to buy dessert. Came back to find our plates still on the table. The cleaner was at the next table clearing the plates there. Took my tray of empty plates and passed it to her.

What did I get? A thank you or a nod of appreciation? Fat chance! I got a very loud ticking off from her!! What the ##()*&&! I couldn't believe it. There I was thinking of helping her and helping myself at the same time and instead of a thank or a simple nod, I got a touch lasing for not leaving my tray at my table and troubling her. So bladdy paiseh. Everybody around there was staring wondering what I did. If she wasn't such an old lady, I would have scolded her there and then.

So much for the NEA's effort to get people to return their tray. If they don't educate the cleaners first, I think it is going to be a doubly uphill task getting people to return their trays if this is the thanks we will get.

And speaking of Maxwell, despite the many good food stalls there, it must rank as one of the dirtiest  food centre in town right up there with Marine Parade. There are very few cleaners and the tables are perpetually stacked with loads and loads of plates and utensils during lunch time.

Maybe time to make a complain to NEA?

1 comment:

  1. Hmm....have not visited Maxwell for a long long time. I suppose when it comes to lunch time the plates are always piling.