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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yummy Claypot

Due to work and other committment, we had to postpone a very important celebration till Sunday evening. 

In Singapore, when we talk about celebration, it is usually food.  

Not too sure what to eat and since Alicia wanted seafood and we old fogeys were too stingy to fork out on real seafood, we decided to check out the small little outlets in Katong. At Joo Chiat, home of the Viets, we came across this new claypot outlet. The decor looks good, there was a decent crowd inside and so we went in.

They served claypot and there was this big counter where the guy (yah.. look like from the PRC) was putting ingredient into small claypots.  Didn't look too promising now that we went nearer but we were already in so nevermind decided to give it a try. 

Their claypot soup was kept warm in a giant urn and not those glass and metallic steamers that are commonly used in stalls. We ordered the melon sharkfin or is it sharkfin melon soup which cost only $4 but was in a teeny weeny claypot. However, it tasted real good with big chunks of chicken.

We also ordered the house special - a double vege dish of kailan and seaweed fried with ikan bilis. This was quite different and the combination was rather palatable.

What is claypot without claypot rice? Initially we wanted the large portion but was 'encouraged' by the waitress to go for the single serving since the large claypot will take 40 mins to cook. So in the end we settled for ne of the normal chicken claypot and another pork rib claypot. Each claypot only cost $5.50. These was quite normal but for its price we ccouldn't really complain

Finally since Alicia originally wanted seafood and since they had some seafood on their menu, we ordered the XO crab bee hoon. This time we scored big time! The dish came with a mid size crab with plenty of roe boiled in rich creamy milk based soup favoured of course with XO. I must admit this was real good comparable to the XO fish soup noodle in Holland V. And the dish with the crab cost only $20! Real value for money!

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