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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From Astroboy to ???

Some years ago, when the movie AI was out in the cinemas, a lot of my Christian friends were making a lot of 'noise' about it; their main objections to it being that only God can create humans and human cannot create life. The movie was of course set in a future world where human and robots live side by side and the robots are so life like and human in nature that they take the place of children. I laughed at their objections. After all, it was only a movie.

Now I guess fiction is fast becoming fact. Japanese scientist have moved on from creating robot dogs to creating a robot child, one that can touch, feel and response to stimuli. From the pictures published so far, this is by far the most human like robot ever created. In fact, this robot has been programmed to learn and develop social skill. Just like a real baby. More info can be found here and here.

So the Japs have move on from Astroboy to Robotboy. Will a world like that in AI become a reality? I think the answer is not yes or no but when and the unthinkable will it happen? Will robots take over the world.......

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  1. Ok so when send me an Astroboy and I shall keep it for the next 20 years next to mickey mouse :D