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Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting Ready....

After the funeral on Tues, Mum asked us to follow her out on Friday morning. Where did she bring us to? The temple where she usually goes. Her purpose? To show us where she wants the wake to be held and the place for the ancestral tablet to be placed when her times come. Gross?

I guess the death of somebody who is her peer had rattled her much more than we realized. Should have known when after one visit to the wake, she refused to go again citing tiredness. Not like her.

Maybe it is better. At least when the time comes, we know what to do. (hands firmly on woodJ) but hopefully that will be a long long time in the future.


  1. Never easy to 'plan' but with 'plan' as such, we would really know what to do.

    I remembered a lot of rush decisions being made when my Father passed away in Year 2005 so guess that's life....

  2. If u want to see her in heaven again, it's your race against time.