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Monday, April 20, 2009

Life and Death

For the 3rd weekend in a row, had to attend another funeral wake. 4th funeral in 3 weeks - 2 of which we were active participants in the ritual and not just visitors. Rather depressing weekends:(

Anyway, I am always bemused by the elaborate rituals of Chinese funerals, - the chanting, the folding of 'gold paper', the burning of the gigantic paper mache house, cars, servants, and nowadays credit cards, dvd player and even 'CD' of popular singers. Do the deceased family seriously think that all these paperworks will miracloulsy turn into solid gold/structure wherever the deceased is? However, to preserve the peace, I normally participate in these rituals. I don't really see any harm in sitting and listening to the chanting since I don't understand a single word of it or hold a joss stick in my hand although I know most of my Christian friends will freak out. To me, the act of holding a joss stick is more a form of paying respect for the deceased just like other religion lay flowers. 

Enough of death, apart from the 4 funerals (hopefully no more to come for a good long time), the past weekend also saw 2 babies' 1 month shower and 1 children birthday party so it wasn't that bad a weekend. Sort of balance out the death.

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