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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Problem with Govt Hospital

Accompanied Mum to SGH Eye Centre for her check-up. The appointment was for 2.35pm. We reached there at 2.25pm and finally left at 5.40pm.

First we waited for registration. This was the shortest wait approximately 10mins only.
Then we waited for some clinical technician to test her eyes.
After that waited for a nurse to put eye drops on her eyes.
This was followed by a half an hour wait for the eye drops to work its effect.
By then it was past 4pm after which we were asked to go to another room.
Waited outside there for another 10mins before another nurse told us to go to another room to see the doctor.
Thus another waiting session continues.
After the doctor it was to the cashier for another long wait.
Luckily I decided to concurrently queue for the medicine otherwise probably got to stay till after 6.

The only good thing about the whole experience. The medicine only cost $3.50 and the consultation $29.00. Was that worth the waste of 1 whole afternoon?

1 comment:

  1. It can be so frustrating and I truly empathise with all the old folks going alone.

    I used to accompany my Mom to NUH for all her numerous appts and yes the waiting can be so stressful ;(