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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Tourist in my own Country

I have not walked along Orchard Road for a long long time so tonight after catching a movie, instead of taking the train at the nearest station at Somerset, decided to take a slow stroll down Orchard Rd.

It was slightly afte 9pm. There are many people still walking around. Interestingly, a lot of young men were wearing hats, yea hats and not caps and some young ladies have scraves drapped over their shoulder and in long sleeve and long black stockings. for a moment, I thought I was in Hongkong except the stifling heat and humidity was a constant reminder of where we actually were. 

Speaking of heat and humidity, I really can't understand this craze of eating Al Fresco in Sg. It is so hot and so humid how does one need in comfort much less sit there for hours on end chitchatting the hours away?

Wanted to see what was the big improvement that the STB did but as far as I could see, from the stretch of road from Orchard Turn to the Orchard MRT, there didn't seem to be much changes. The most noticeable new things were the glass murals dotting the walkway. Other than that I didn't see any different (maybe the tiny strip of lights on the floor?)

Walking along the road, gawking at the hoardings, the people, and the buildings, I felt like a tourist in my own country. Which brings me to my next point. At 9.30pm, almost 90% of shops were closed or closing. By 10pm, all the little carts and stalls in the food level of the major stores were packed up and done for the day. I feel that it is a waste to close so early. And the retail shops are complaining of poor sale! They should follow the example of Hong Kong and have late night shoppings if not every night at least on Friday and Saturday.

Most time I am in and out of a shopping mall or hotel there in double quick time and do not go out to street level so despite the heat and grouses, I enjoyed that little walk. Now if only the govt can air con the whole stretch of Orchard Road. 

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