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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cyclist and Motorist

There has been some letters to the newspaper recently about motorist failing to respect the rights of cyclist on the road. Well while in general I agree with the sentiments expressed in the letters, I think the cyclist have a part to play too. After all it is their life at stake.

Just the other day, while driving home along Xilin Ave, there was this cyclist (and I am referring to sport cyclist and not the Ah pek cyclist) riding on the outermost lane of the road forcing motorist to change lane to avoid him! And this is not the first time I witness scene like this. Being in the East and living near the Changi Coastal Road, it is common to see cyclists on the road and they think they do, I sometime think these people think they are made of metal and invincible. The other thing is I can never understand why cyclists must go up the flyover outside MR instead of using the road? The flyover is for fast moving vehicle to bypass the junction, it is narrow and yet the cyclists goes up like they own the flyover! Surely there are better place for them to do hill training? My pet peeve is why must they cycle 2 or 3 abreast and talk at the same time! I sometime think that these people think traffic rules apply only to people on motorbikes and vehicles with 4 wheels or more and not to them. Or do they have a death wish?

I have many friends who are cyclist. I myself am not so I may not understand why they do it but to all my friends please do not endanger yourselves. Think of your family and ride responsibly. Of course there are may idiotic inconsiderate drivers but as they being protected inside their car will always come out winner in a crash so ride safely and don't give these idiots a chance to do harm.


  1. They never learn for always kanna these cyclist along the pavement as if they owe the whole bloody road ;(

  2. Sometimes I think these cylists cycle two or three abreast is because they want to occupy a whole lane, similar to the space a normal vehicle would occupy. This will make other vehicles that are overtaking them use the other lane instead of squeezing in the same lane as them if they were to cycle in single file.

    I may be wrong.... but it's just my view.